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Book: The Heart of the Mind, Russell Targ and Jane Katra Ph.D.

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ISBN: 1-57731-041-1 : Hardcover.
(Paperback available.)
New World Library:
  14 Pamaron Way, Novato, CA 94949
Foreword by Marianne Williamson

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The Heart of the Mind: How to Experience God Without Belief
by Jane Katra, Ph.D.
and Russell Targ

       In this wide-ranging survey of spiritual insight, healer Jane Katra and scientist Russell Targ demystify mysticism by showing how centuries of wisdom teachings -- from the ancient Indian Vedas and Christian Gnosticism to modern quantum physics -- all point to a common experience available to everyone. Whether we call it God, satori, or unity consciousness, the authors, describe it as a process of self-transformation by stabilizing one's attention while surrendering thoughts and ego to a quiet mind.

       Building on these ancient teachings, Katra and Targ explore how modern scientific exploration of parapsychological phenomena -- from laboratory evidence of mind-to-mind and mind-to-universe connections to hospital studies of distant healing and fascinating evidence of verified past-life memories -- all indicate that consciousness extends beyond the individual self.

       As in their previous groundbreaking exploration of nonlocal mind and spiritual healing, Miracles of Mind, Targ and Katra team up here to describe and expand the realm of mystical experience. At the core of The Heart of the Mind is the idea that through quieting the mind, the experience of God -- without dogma, ritual, or religious belief -- is always available. By beginning with the concrete steps of forgiveness and gratitude, they show that finding meaning, love, and peace of mind requires only that we calm our minds and open our hearts.

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