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Heart of the Mind

 Foreword by Marianne Williamson

by Russell Targ
& Jane Katra, Ph.D.
Book CoverFor ages there has been an esoteric prophecy: that in a great historical climax to come, science and religion would unite in exaltation of one great Truth.

As we approach the millennium, in every area of human endeavor, there is indeed interest in a very general concern. Whether the conversation turns to relationships, medicine, spirituality, business, science, or anything else, there is at least a faint hint of an eternal message making it's way  into consciousness: underlying oneness, spirit, and love.

Jane Katra and Russell Targ have looked at two specific areas—science and spirituality—with the cold eye of the scientist and the warm heart of the mystic. They have applied tough-minded scientific observation to the ralms of spirit, laying out for the most rationalistic thinker some profound musings on issues of faith.  In this exciting new book, Katra and Targ posit spirituality as a new scientific frontier. Applying the most disciplined investigative techniques, scientist  throughout the world have now made clear that we need no longer treat faith as blind; it has revealed itself, at least, to the regions of the mind formerly unable to grasp its implications. Katra and Targ have helped to unlock the long-locked door between the rooms of science and the rooms of God.

Like a great pyramyid as it reaches toward its single-pointed capstone, all seperate issues in life are resolved in one great higher truth. Whether our movement is through the spiritual rigor of prayer or the mental rigor of science, the uppermost end of the journey is the love of God. So say some already: after reading this book, many more will agree. Join them.

One doesn't have to believe in any religion or buy into any dogma. Scientifically minded, rational eyes will do, for Katra and Targ have made sure of it. They hold a candle up for everyone, and in its light is revealed a much expanded, more unified world within and without. Every road is a mountain road, and there turns out to be only one mountain.

The peak, as you shall see in this book, is spectacular—scientifically sound as well as absolutely miraculous. Katra and Targ provide a wonderful view.

— Marianne Williamson

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