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Book: Limitless Mind

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ISBN: 1-57731-413-1. New World Library, Novato, California

Limitless Mind
by Russell Targ

A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness

       For decades, the work of Russell Targ and other scientists has demonstrated that our minds have extraordinary abilities we are only beginning to understand. Learning to use these abilities--from remote viewing to precognition to intuitive medical diagnoses to distant healing--leads to a quiet mind, the experience of the interconnectedness of all beings, and, ultimately, the transformation of consciousness.

       This breakthrough book, based on two decades of research at the Stanford Research Institute and elsewhere, clearly presents the scientific support for remote viewing and the phenomenon of "nonlocality". It explains these phenomena in clear terms and offers practical, concrete steps you can take to guide you in your own experiences of remote viewing and distant healing.

       Even more important, Russell Targ shows us in these pages that timeless existence is real and has been experienced for centuries by those practicing meditation and remote viewing. Best of all, he gives us the tools to experience it for ourselves.

"Russell Targ has spent a lifetime working in the science of consciousness and human possibilities . . . The descriptions of the remote-viewing work that he and his associates have done are both compelling and central to our understanding of the human capacity."

-- from the foreword by Jean Houston
author of The Possible Human

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